About Us

About Us

A family business run by all the family

You are purchasing the peace of mind that comes with working with Us a Family run company that is 100% focused on your website and hosting.

Your hosting is backed by a team of professionals ( on the phone )

What separates us from the rest is that we will help you achieve the best possible outcome and Internet experience. Many of our competitors are able to offer Cheap plans as all responses are made by computer or not at all. At Mega Hosting your queries will always be answered by a human! 🙂

Wouldn’t it be great. If you had a single person to deal with with any of your web hosting problems. Well you have. We thought true customer service was missing within the hosting industry. You can call out support line today and always get through to a person in the UK. Try it yourself give us a call and just say hello. We really want to know what is on our service so that’s why we take full amount of time In getting to know our customers ( unusual this day and age)

We want to make your life as a customer as easy as possible no matter what service you we provide you with. We pride ourselves on having great hosting with even better prices, 
If you already have a site that needs updating or editing just contact us and we will get you a free quote to do the work quickly and reliably.

There’s no such thing as good  cheap web hosting.If you’re running a business and think there is such a thing as cheap web hosting then you are deluded and we are not the web hosting company to work with you. Web services cost money and take time to maintain. For other companies we are happy to sell you space and just let it go with the flow. Only because it is on the web and you can see the page for a web browser doesn’t mean it is any good




We are a website UK hosting company.

Website hosting company.

We are based in Surrey just outside London. our web servers are based in London and Derby.
How we work
We buy in space in server farms throughout the UK we also buy the software that goes on to the servers and the IP addresses. What you are paying for is a proportion of space the on our servers and for us to manage the service to make sure that Also a part of managing the servers is to make sure that the servers are not struggling with the amount of users on them at one time. all our servers are monitored all the time will use apps on Phones 247 monitor the service and clients. We do not fill our servers with loads of websites. our Webhosting speed is to the optimum. Also if we have a client that puts on bad material then we will take it off straight away

We are a company that manages web hosting. We give our clients peace of mind that why they going about their business that their website being carefully looked ather.

Web Hosting Prices

we will never promise you that we are the cheapest in fact that is an impossibility. Normally the cheapest hosting is packed with websites and some inproper websites which could affect your websites capability and SEO. Is many cheap websites service is unmanned. Most of the cheap hosting companies have very packed web servers which affects your SEO and loading speeds. If you can imagine your desktop PC with loads of windows open and files you start to notice that the system is running slow. This can be the same principle as web hosting if there is too much on one server then everybody run slow.

Unlimited web space

Really there’s no such thing if you buy website Hosting from a company there is a limit. otherwise we would all be buying these £3 web hosting companies and uploading 3 terabytes complete data from our businesses. 

In fact many websites don’t need that kind of space. For example if you are a builder or a private individual making your website with WordPress it does not take that amount of space