Improving your social media

Improving your social media

How to Encourage Your Customers to Share Your Business on Social Media

There are many ways to encourage your customers to share your business on social media. It’s about thinking outside the box. Using hashtags, creative names for food and rooms, and promoting anything unique about your business can make a significant impact. Encouraging the use of hashtags will improve your social media presence and is a great way to receive real-time comments from your customers.

It is absolute madness for holiday and entertainment venues to charge for WiFi.

The biggest and most efficient way to improve your company’s social media presence is to offer free WiFi. Today’s generation is on social media on average every 12 minutes. If you provide free WiFi at your bar, venue, or holiday park, the public will share their experiences with others. This includes what they are eating and drinking. Charging for WiFi is social media suicide.

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