Web hosting packages

Web Hosting packages

We offer website and email hosting to small businesses across the UK and pride ourselves on offering fanatical support. We’ve built great relationships with our hosting customers and many have been with us for a long time.

Once the website has been set up, you will receive your bill for hosting. You can choose to pay either annually or monthly.

We will never promise you that we are the cheapest hosting company; in fact, that is an impossibility. Typically, the cheapest hosting companies overcrowd their servers with numerous websites, including some that may be inappropriate or poorly managed. This overcrowding can negatively impact your website’s performance, search engine optimization (SEO), and Google rankings. Many inexpensive hosting services are also often unmanned, meaning there is minimal to no customer support available when you need it most.

Most cheap hosting companies operate with heavily packed web servers, which significantly affects your website’s SEO and loading speeds. Imagine your desktop PC bogged down with countless open windows and files; you start to notice that the system runs slowly and less efficiently. This analogy applies to web hosting as well—when there is an excessive amount of data and too many websites crammed onto a single server, the performance of every website on that server suffers.

Choosing a hosting provider that prioritizes quality and performance over sheer affordability ensures that your website will have the resources it needs to operate smoothly. Our commitment is to provide reliable, high-performance hosting services that help your website achieve optimal loading speeds and superior SEO performance, thereby enhancing your online presence and overall user experience.

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